Signs of the times?

If it weren’t for the Internet I wouldn’t know we were in the middle of an economic crisis/slowdown/correction/recession. This offer came in the mail last week:


The offer arrived with a red “decoder” which revealed a whole $1000 credit limit.


The offer arrived for my husband, not for me, but I’m still a little offended. What is this, Highlights for Children? If I respond within 10 days do I get a free tote bag?

Then I saw this on my way to work:


What a wonderful juxtaposition. Apparently it’s still possible to buy a house with no money down, but if you want to put a car in the garage you will have to come up with $299. Fortunately, with my new MasterCard I can afford the down payment on THREE cars!


2 Responses to Signs of the times?

  1. Avalon says:


    And in a few months, you could re-finance that mortgage payment to pay off your credit card and car loan!

  2. Rob says:

    Vulture tactics, that’s all it is. That MasterCard offer would appeal to someone who’s having some rough times, as would the other two offers. What they neglect to mention, through no fault of their own I’m certain, is the obsene interest rates they’re going to stick you with.

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